Kulfi Tiramisu (Cardamom-Scented Indian Tiramisu Fusion)

Kulfi Tiramisu – this Indian tiramisu fusion combines creamy, cardamom-scented kulfi Indian ice surf with coffee infused confection to create a show stopping, layered dessert. It’s veritably epic!

slices of kulfi tiramisu on white plates

Aren’t Indian fusion cakes fun? I made my Rasmalai tres leches cake, and it has been very popular and it’s super delicious, so I decided to make flipside traditional confection into an Indian dessert version. This Indian tiramisu fusion recipe uses my tiramisu sheet cake and keeps the coffee in the confection layer.

kulfi tiramisu in the pan surpassing chilling

Then, you top it with this wondrous cardamom surf that would remind you of Indian Kulfi. No coming is needed for the surf layer. Just tousle and pour. Once it’s chilled, it thickens into an scrutinizingly ice cream-like texture, tabbed kulfi.

slice of Indian tiramisu on a white plate with a zest taken out

Kulfi is traditionally made by slowly cooking lanugo milk with cardamom and other seasonings, then freezing it. In this recipe, we skip all of that cooking lanugo and use a combination of coconut milk and nuts to thicken the mixture without needing to use the stove at all.

For the kulfi tiramisu, I make the confection and split it into two, so you get these two thin confection layers with two kulfi surf layers. It is a delicious, decadent dessert that you can serve for festivals, like Diwali, or plane the holidays and Thanksgiving!

overhead photo of a slice of Indian tiramisu on a white plate with a fork

Why You’ll Love Kulfi Tiramisu

  • two sweet, coffee-flavored confection layers
  • two creamy, cardamom-scented kulfi layers
  • crunchy pistachios on top
  • soy-free recipe. Options for gluten-free, coconut-free, and nut-free

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close-up of a slice of Indian tiramisu on a white plate with a fork

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