What is the secret to a great charcuterie board?

A fundamental manual for all that about charcuterie sheets from what to put on charcuterie sheets to the best cheeses for charcuterie to the best wood sheets and where to

How to Build the Ultimate Charcuterie

As all of you know, I've been recipe trying and arranging my evening gathering menu for north of a month. To some extent since I'm an over-organizer and somewhat in

Preparing the Ultimate Sharing Board

One of the most incredible ways of holding with loved ones is through great food, and on a warm September evening, all you need to do to accomplish this is

10 Restaurants That Defined Dining in America This Year

      Any reasonable person would agree that 2023 was the year we needed everything. Did we need puts that engaged and pulled out all the stops with their energy? Did we

Evolution of Life Insurance Industry in India

Source: Investor Presentation of ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd

Alpha Ideas SME Stars Meet- 2022 Edition

As many of you are aware, we had conducted the Alpha Ideas SME Stars Meet last Saturday 08 October, 2022 at the National Stock Exchange 10 SME Companies presented on their

Pindi Chole | Pindi Chana (No Onion Garlic)

Pindi Chole is a very flavourful chickpea curry recipe that has no onion, garlic or tomatoes. It has a typical visionless colour that comes from cooking it slowly on a