Chickpea Kathi Rolls Chickpea Chutney Wraps

These easy Chickpea Kathi Rolls filled with Indian spiced chickpeas and fresh cilantro mint chutney are the perfect easy lunch or weeknight dinner! Nutfree Soyfree Oilfree Gluten-free option

close-up of three chickpea kathi rolls with chutney, tomatoes and onions

For an easy lunch or weeknight dinner or a mid meal snack, squint no remoter than these chickpea wraps! Kathi rolls are a popular wrap that originated in eastern India. It originally was made with kebabs but got well-timed all over the country for variations witb fillings and styles. One of the popular snack stalls virtually our neighborhood in India had all these veggie kathi rolls with options like brown chickpeas, veggies, Paneer cheese, soya chaap(vegan meat) and more. Some of those were simple wraps put together with a warmed fresh Paratha or thick roti, quick spiced up chickpeas or paneer and topped with tomato onion or cucumber tossed with a fresh cilantro mint chutney and sprinkled with chaat masala or garam masala. They flavors and textures together were fantastic!

For todays versions I made these with white chickpeas as they are hands available. But if you have wangle to brown chickpeas, try these with some cooked brown chickpeas(desi chickpeas- kala chana)!

They are savory, spicy, hearty and there is  crunch from widow lettuce and veggies. I like the tender chew you get from the chickpeas and the Indian spice mix we simmer the chickpeas in take these wraps to the next level.

With a short prep time of under 20 minutes, this is a quick, protein- and fiber-filled meal to go that is perfect any day of the week.

three Chana kathi rolls on a woebegone plate

The chickpeas are flavored with Chaat masala, a tangy and sweet Indian spice tousle that you can get in your Indian store or online.It’s spelled as C-H-A-A-T.

You can moreover make this recipe with cooked brown chickpeas white chickpeas or any other beans of choice. If you want, add in some cooked potato cubes as well to make this uneaten substantial . To add some sweetness to this ubiquitous quite savory wrap, add some mango chutney or stage tamarind chutney.

You can use gluten-free wraps or serve this in lettuce leaves for gluten-free or if you want to cut lanugo on the carbs. This recipe is nut self-ruling as is. You’ve got to try these Chana Kathi rolls!

three Indian spiced chickpea wraps filled with tomtoes and lettuce

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