Gujiya Peda (Indian Fudge With Coconut Pistachio Raisin Swirls)

Gujiya peda — almond flour fudge with a swirl of coconut-pistachio-raisin filling — is a fusion dessert that tastes veritably amazing! Serve it as dessert during Diwali or box it up and requite it as a gift. It has just incredible flavors of saffron and cardamom. It’s moreover grain-free, soy-free, and gluten-free!

gujiya peda on a visionless brown plate


Happy navratri! The next whole month is filled with festive occasions and celebrations. Many parts of India gloat these festivals in their own way. The worldwide thread triumphal goodness, love and compassion, and family and food.

Let’s kick off the triumph with this fantastic gujiya peda. A fusion of two favorite Indian desserts.

Peda, which is basically just milk solids flavored with saffron, cardamom, or both and then cooked and worked into these soft, unappetizing fudge cookies.

Gujiya / Karanji are sweet, half moon-shaped pastries filled with variegated kinds of fillings. One of those fillings is a coconut, nut, and raisin paste. 

close-up of gujiya peda on a visionless brown plate

I am using that succulent filling from the gujiya in a vegan peda – almond flour peda, and then rolling it up like a pinwheel. You can moreover stuff the fudge balls and make stuffed Ladoo or shape them like Burfi bars with a layer of peda and a layer of the coconut gujiya filling and then slice into bites.

It tastes veritably amazing, and there is very little cooking involved. There is no standing virtually and cooking lanugo your milk for hours to get the final result. Or making the pastry dough, rolling it out and making each pastry, and no deep frying!

We simply make a quick custard in under five minutes and then add it to almond flour to make the dough. Then, we make the coconut-nut mixture in the supplies processor and just spread it all out, roll it up, and slice, and you’re good!

gujiya peda stacked up with bites taken out, so you can see inside

Why You’ll Love Gujiya Peda

  • soft, cardamom-scented almond flour fudge outside
  • nutty, sweet saffron-flavored filling inside
  • only 5 minutes cooking time!
  • delicious dessert that makes a unconfined gift
  • soy-free, gluten-free, and grain-free treat

gujiya peda in a Diwali souvenir box that's open

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