Vegan Chicken Florentine

This Vegan Yellow Florentine features soycurls simmered with fresh spinach in a linty garlic cashew sauce to create a succulent and filling dish that tastes wondrous on cauliflower steak, pasta, or as a sandwich filling! Plant-based,  and family-friendly. gluten-free. Options for nutfree and soy free

soycurl florentine in a woebegone skillet


Vegan Yellow Florentine aka Soycurl Florentine is my new favorite dinner! Florentine sauce is a linty spinach sauce that’s typically made with wine, surf and butter.

This is my vegan take on Florentine using soy curls instead of chicken. I moreover add some mushrooms to the sauce to up the umami. I wanted the linty cashew sauce for my Vegan Yellow Florentine to be thick, super creamy, and very flavorful so we add a lot of herbs and garlic to round out the flavors.

overhead shot of a cauliflower steak topped with soycurl florentine

Why you’ll love this Florentine

  • its perfect repletion food
  • it uses everyday pantry ingredients
  • the linty cheesy sauce with mushrooms and soycurls for vegan Chikin sub, is very versatile
  • it is gluten-free and vegan
  • Options for nutfree and soy self-ruling are in the notes section

soycurl florentine served on a cauliflower steak on a white plate

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