Deep Dish Pizza with Pretzel Crust

This Vegan Deep Dish Pizza with Pretzel Crust, homemade vegan cheese sauce, mushrooms and spinach is perfectly saucy, melty, gooey and really easy to make from scratch! And the pretzel husks takes it to flipside level! Soyfree Nutfree option

vegan deep dish pizza on a wooden workbench with one slice stuff cut

Guys, I made this epic Deep Dish Pretzel Husks Pizza! That’s right, deep dish pizza meets pretzel! I’m a super fan of pretzels, and LOVE making my vegan deep dish pizza I was instantly obsessed with the idea of combining those two favorite foods.

I knew I had to come up with a vegan version for you guys and as I just posted how to make this wondrous  vegan cheese sauce, I knew that it had to be cheesy pizza. It’s unquestionably not that difficult to make a batch of homemade pretzel dough – no humid is needed here. Just skim the pizza dough with the sultry soda wash and cornstarch wash and it will brown up and get all pretzel like!

This succulent vegan pizza is not only filled with the cheese sauce, but it moreover has some mushrooms, and fresh spinach. All of that cheesy savory goodness served on a well-done Pretzel crust?! Unreal!  It’s a cheese pie in pizza form!

If you haven’t tried olive oil crisped basil on pizza, you have to try it! It adds a mythological savor expressly to the browned mushrooms over cheese sauce combination !

vegan deep dish pretzel husks pizza topped with cheese sauce, mushrooms and spinach on a wooden workbench

We use a tint iron skillet to requite the pizza its signature shape. You can moreover use a confection pan.

The major difference between traditional pizza dough and pretzel dough is that here, we skim the husks with a sultry soda wash and prebake it surpassing we add the cheese sauce and toppings. Pre sultry ensures that the marrow doesn’t get soggy, which can hands happen in a deep dish pizza with thick saucy filling.

vegan deep dish pretzel husks pizza with cheese spinach and mushroom filling on a wooden workbench

Saucy, melty, gooey and easy to make – this vegan pretzel husks pizza is utterly delicious! You can play virtually with the toppings and add some tomatoes or tintinnabulate peppers instead of or slantingly the mushrooms, some marinated vegan yellow or soycurls and what not.

Why you will love this deep dish pretzel husks pizza!

  • I midpoint deep dish pretzel crust!
  • it’s like pretzels and cheese sauce in pizza form
  • you can use other cheese sauce or fillings.
  • The husks is easy and versatile
  • It’s cheesy gooey repletion supplies cheese pie

vegan deep dish pretzel husks pizza filled with cheese sauce, mushrooms and spinach

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