11 Pasta Ideas for All Seasons

We've tried vast noodles and sauces to foster our best pasta recipes so you can take a stab at something new or wonderful a go-to.

Pappardelle! Spaghetti! Gnocchi! Whether you're searching for a one-pot supper or a comfortable heated macaroni and cheddar, our best pasta recipes won't let you down. A portion of our top picks incorporate brilliant Summer Crab Carbonara with Lemons and Tricks and Sicilian Heated Pasta stacked with cheddar and eggplant. Assuming you want a speedy feast, Pulling-from-the-Storage space Puttanesca or Roy Choi's Pasta Aglio e Olio are great wagers. Peruse on for those recipes and, surprisingly, more pasta dishes we love.

Pulling-from-the-Pantry Puttanesca

Pulling-from-the-Pantry Puttanesca

Cook Zoi Antonitsas is enthusiastic about safeguarded fish. The pungent, briny filets are her #1 stalwart storage space fixing. They can make nearly anything into a dinner — and a delightful one at that. Utilize excellent tins, as Matiz España brand, for the best outcomes.

Farro Mafaldine with Black Truffle Butter and Mushrooms

Dark truffle glue, accessible all year, dissolves perfectly into the rich sauce for this dish, however when they're in season (November through February), gourmet specialist Karen Akunowicz suggests going overboard for new dark truffles. Utilize a scratch grater to get however much truffle goodness as could reasonably be expected into each ideal chomp.

One-Pot White Wine Pasta with Mushrooms and Leeks

This rich, appetizing pasta dish meets up in only one pot, don't bother heating up the pasta independently. A blend of flavorful sautéed mushrooms and delicately sweet leeks consolidate with cream, lemon squeeze, and white wine to make the rich sauce. Go ahead and change around the flavor by adding tarragon rather than dill.

Spinach Lasagna

There are numerous emphasess of spinach lasagna however this one is our most loved on account of its straightforwardness and liberal utilization of four cheeses: ricotta, Parmesan, Gruyère, and mozzarella. An inconceivably delightful dish even meat eaters will adore.

Creamy Tomato Rigatoni

Creamy Tomato Rigatoni

A sensible measure of weighty cream improves this basic pureed tomatoes, delivering a lavish surface that grips to the pasta without covering wealth. This recipe is enlivened by sommelier Derrick C. Westbrook of 1340 Lager Wine Spirits in Chicago, who named it his optimal dish for matching with wine.

Linguine with Frenched Green Beans and Parsley Pesto

In this exemplary recipe, 1988 F&W Best New Cook Johanne Killen utilizes bland pasta water to thicken her new pesto into a sauce that sticks to and enhances each strand of linguine, rather than pooling in the bowl. Daintily cut green beans interweave with the pasta, offering a reviving crunch.

Lobster Pasta with Corn and Tomatoes

Airing out an entire lobster takes time and a great deal of napkins, however this pasta jumps directly to partaking in the most awesome aspect: the lobster meat. Cooked with corn, succulent tomatoes, garlic, and wine, this lovely summer pasta just necessities a sprinkling of cheddar and 25 minutes of your time for a rich supper.

Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower and Crispy Capers

"For a group pleaser at any party, I consolidate sheet skillet broiled cauliflower with pasta alongside a few firm tricks for pungent crunch; anchovies (only a couple) for umami profundity; sautéed garlic and red pepper chips for oomph, and lemon zing for splendor," food-way of life powerhouse Colu Henry composes. "This recipe requires the standard white cauliflower, yet in the event that you end up seeing the purple or orange 'cheddar' assortment, by all means snatch them for the wellbeing of show."

Pasta Aglio e Olio

Pasta Aglio e Olio

This straightforward, garlicky pasta from cook Roy Choi utilizes storage space fixings — the excellence comes from working out the flavor profile in the olive oil. Even better, the entire situation meets up in the time it takes for the water to bubble, making it the ideal back-pocket pasta to add to your weeknight turn.

Creamy Vegan Pasta with Greens, Peas, and Lemon Zest

Immediately whitened greens and sizzling scallions and garlic meet in a shockingly velvety veggie lover sauce for pasta, with a hint of white miso for added profundity. Go ahead and top with your #1 ground plant-based cheddar, or simply appreciate everything all alone.

Pasta Bolognese

Previous F&W manager Elegance Parisi highlights a conventional mix of ground hamburger, pork, veal, and tomato studded with salt-relieved pancetta. It's thrown with penne rigate and presented with newly ground Parmesan cheddar.