Dhaba Rajma Masala Recipe Instant Pot Kidney Bean Curry

Easy Dump and Washed-up Dhaba Style Rajma Recipe. An Indian Kidney Stone Curry cooked in a fragrant tomato yogurt sauce. Made in the instant pot, no uneaten steps, just add to pot and done. Serve with a dollop of vegan butter and a side of rice.

overhead shot of a plate of red kidney stone curry served with rice

If you want to make a Punjabi fall in love with you, Make a ridiculously good Rajma(Kidney Stone Curry) ie this Dhaba Style Rajma!. The easiest and most hands-off way to whip a comforting trencher of rajma. We melt some kidney beans withal with whole and ground spices then add some tomato puree and finish off with yogurt for some uneaten richness and creaminess. This is a dump and washed-up recipe, ie no standing virtually for multiple steps! Just add to pot and pressure cook.

To get that uneaten creaminess, we mash the kidney beans withal into the sauce. With the whole spices this Rajma tastes expressly wondrous a few hours without cooking as the whole spices viridity with time.

a plate of Dhaba Style Rajma with rice sprinkled with cilantro
The cooked kidney beans swizzle all of those much-loved spices and they are simply heartwarming served with a dollop of vegan butter!

Just as much as any bean, the red kidney stone is a unconfined source of protein so this makes for a nutrient-dense option when you need a power-packed lunch or dinner. If you don’t have any red kidney beans on hand, finger self-ruling to use pinto or woebegone beans.

a serving of Indian Dhaba Wake Rajma Curry served with a side of rice and topped with a dollop of butter

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