No Onion No Garlic Diwali Menu (Dal makhani, Tofu Tikka Masala, peanut potatoes, Turmeric cashew rice )

The festive season is here! If you’re planning a menu for Diwali or any other seasonal gathering, I have a wonderful menu of no onion no garlic recipes for you. Dal makhani, Tofu Tikka Masala, peanut potatoes, Turmeric cashew rice! The menu uses one wiring sauce, so you can melt a whole meal in a lot less time.

plate of no onion no garlic Diwali supplies surrounded by serving bowls

Many if you often ask me for no onion no garlic recipes, expressly virtually the festive season. If you are planning to make an onion-free, garlic-free Diwali or Indian party menu, here are some options for you. If you want to read increasingly on how to melt without onion and garlic, I have a guide you can trammels out! It has tips to convert any recipe to be onion garlic free. If you want to add onion and garlic, see recipe faq.

panful of tofu tikka masala with cilantro on top

You can make all of this on the same day, considering it’s so streamlined. The whole meal relies on a single wiring sauce that you divide up to make tofu tikka masala, dal makhani and a side of crispy, peanutty potatoes. You serve it all up with roasted cashew and turmeric rice and a quick yogurt dip, tabbed raita.

Serve it all up with store-bought flatbreads, homemade flatbreads, or naan. You can make naan from the blog and alimony them frozen and reheat on the day you want to serve them, or you can make other kinds of flatbread or plane toast up sourdough bread.

makhani dal in a serving trencher with cashew surf and cilantro on top

Also serve with other condiments of choice, like mango chutney, mint chutney, or tomato chutney or some Indian pickle. You can make these in whop or buy them pre-made at the Indian market.

If you do want to make parts of this menu this ahead, though, you definitely can! You can make the sauce and refrigerate or freeze or make the dal and potatoes and tikka masala sauce superiority and refrigerate! Bake the tofu the day of serving. There are make-ahead directions in the recipe card.

peanut sesame potatoes in a serving bowl

We are going to make the dal first, considering the woebegone matpe beans, or woebegone whole urad(which is traditionally used for dal makhani), take like an hour to cook. Start cooking that, and then start making the sauce, and go from there. The recipe is written the same way. See recipe notes for making the dal with other lentils.
Also trammels out this Diwali menu that uses an onion wiring sauce for Dal do pyaaza, Gobi Matar makhani and Chana Saag! You can use both these menus to meal plan as well by making portions superiority and making a new dish every day!

cashew turmeric rice in the serving bowl

Why You’ll Love this No Onion No Garlic Menu

  • 1 flavorful wiring sauce to make 3 dishes, plus rice and raita
  • onion and garlic-free, but still tons of flavor!
  • tender baked tofu tikka masala
  • savory dal makhani
  • crunchy peanut sesame potatoes
  • creamy raita
  • fluffy cashew turmeric rice
  • uses Instant Pot and oven to save zippy cooking time. Look at that gorgeousness below!
no onion no garlic Diwali menu on serving plates and one dinner plate with all the dishes

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