Vegan Snickers Cookies Gluten-free

Soft and chewy Vegan Snickers Cookies studded with dates and peanuts and smothered with chocolate ganache! These are made with almond flour and tapioca flour and therefore gluten-free and grain-free ! They are not too sweet but such a satisfying treat withal with a cup of coffee. Peanut-free version included.

a white plate with vegan snickers cookies covered with chocolate glaze

Good news: You are only well-nigh 20 minutes yonder from having a plate of these haunting chocolate-covered Vegan Snickers Cookies on your kitchen counter! We all deserve a cookie or two, am I right? Let’s make it two! Did I mention these are gluten-free?

These are studded with sticky sweet chopped dates and crunchy peanuts! That’s right, no caramel, no peanut butter needed here! If Snickers are your thing, you will venerate these glutenfree almond flour cookies.

We use a tousle of almond flour and tapioca flour for these vegan snickers cookies! Almond flour gives these the perfect chew while tapioca starch helps tighten and gives these the perfect crisp-outside texture.

vegan glutenfree snickers cookies with chocolate glaze

These have All of the wondrous savor of snickers bars in cookie form. Dates get baked into sweet caramelly bits. Peanuts in the cookie dough add a mythological crunch. You can moreover add increasingly peanuts on top of the chocolate topping. The baked cookies are dipped in melted chocolate that makes them the perfect snickers cookie bites!

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