Delicata Squash White Bean Casserole

Creamy delicata squash casserole with white beans and a crunchy breadcrumb topping is fall and winter repletion supplies at its finest. It makes a unconfined holiday entree, too!

delicata squash casserole on a plate next to the casserole dish


Impress everyone with super easy fall winter casserole. I had some delicata squash that I wanted to use up, but I didn’t want to just make roasted delicata squash as a side dish. Instead, I layered it with white beans in a linty sauce, and then topped it with the delicata squash and a mix of crunchy breadcrumbs and linty vegan cheese. 

delicata squash casserole in the sultry pan without baking

All these layers torch together, the sauce thickens, the squash roasts in the oven while the topping gets nice and crispy.  This dish is just packed with texture and savor from the well-done cheesy topping, nicely roasted delicata squash and the linty white beans at the bottom. 

You can transpiration up the flavors as you like, and you can use other beans or lentils or plane cooked pasta in the sauce instead of white beans. 

Delicata squash casserole is a unconfined side or plane main dish for your holiday meal. It looks gorgeous, it smells wondrous and the topping stays well-done for a long while. You can moreover use other winter squash, like acorn or butternut squash, in this casserole dish, if you can’t find delicata squash.

close-up of delicata squash casserole in the sultry pan without baking

Why You’ll Love Delicata Squash Casserole

  • flavorful, linty casserole with tender squash and cheesy, crunchy breadcrumb topping
  • no need to roast the squash separately!
  • soy-free with simple nut-free and gluten-free options
  • flexible recipe! Use other beans or squashes, if you prefer.

delicata squash casserole on a plate with toast

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