Doritos-Flavored Savory Granola Bars

Behold! The Doritos Nacho Spice Savory Granola Bar! Don’t want sticky sweet snack, make this nutty seedy nacho cheesy well-done snack bars! They scrutinizingly have the texture of shortbread crackers with lots of nacho cheesy flavor. Also Gluten-free

savory granola bars on a wearing board, one is wrenched in half so you can see the texture inside

I know, savory granola bars ? Like what! And Doritos Nachos spice! But believe me, they are deeelicious! Bet you never thought your fave savory snack could be a hearty Granola bar!

They’re scrutinizingly like a cracker, but they’re thick and have a lot of nuts and seeds and good stuff. They’re softer than just a nut and seed cracker which is usually crunchy. These are kind of like shortbread cookies, and a non-sticky, savory granola bar. 

My niece just got her braces and she loves to eat granola bars, but she’s not unliable to eat them, considering they’re all sticky. So I made her these granola bars: a sweet version and this savory version. And since she loves spice, these are somewhat spicy.

You can retread the savor to preference. The savor of these should remind you of a bit of Doritos fries with all of that nutritional yeast and paprika.

savory granola bars, without sultry and slicing

You can transpiration up the spices to make a variegated savory savor profile to preference. You can add just some chili powder tousle or add some garam masala, or berbere, or Cajun spice to these. 

Why You’ll Love Savory Granola Bar

  • amazing, nacho cheesy savor with no dairy
  • healthy breakfast or snack
  • gluten-free with an oil-free option

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