Easy Cajun Buffalo Soy Curl Wraps (30 minutes)

Buffalo Cajun wraps! Cajun Buffalo sauce is a must try with soycurls or other protein! Add to wraps or burrito or tacos, top with crunchy veggies and vegan ranch. 30 minute weeknight meal.

close-up of the top of a sealed buffalo cajun wrap, so you can see the soy curls

Easy meal combinations come from days i fix meals in a hurry. These are super simple wraps made with four-ingredient buffalo cajun soy curls are super delicious. Cajun seasoning with Buffalo sauce is a match you have to try. Use your favorite Cajun tousle or make cajun spice.

I use a store-bought vegan buffalo sauce, but you can moreover make your own.  

This recipe is versatile! You can use other types of vegan protein, like seitan or shredded tofu or other vegan yellow substitutes, if you don’t want to use soy curls. 

two vegan buffalo cajun wraps, one unshut and one closed

Why You’ll Love Buffalo Cajun Soy Curls

  • 4-ingredients without sacrificing flavor
  • ready in 30 minutes
  • amazing combination of buffalo sauce and cajun spice!
  • Naturally nut-free with soy-free and gluten-free options.
close-up of an unshut buffalo cajun wrap, so you can see the filling

More Ways to Use Soy Curls

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