Rava Idli Waffles or Pancakes (Savory semolina waffles)

Rava idli waffles(semolina waffles) are a fun spin on a South Indian savory steamed idli cake. It has a lovely, soft-hued texture and is seasoned with whole spices, ginger, chili, and cilantro. It’s an wondrous savory breakfast served with chutney, Indian pickles, or sambar(split pea stew)

plates of rava idli waffles and pancakes next to a trencher of chutney

Rava idli waffles(semolina waffles) are a tomfoolery turn on a South Indian flavorful steamed idli cake. It has an exquisite, delicate shaded surface and is prepared with entire flavors, ginger, bean stew, and cilantro. It's a wondrous exquisite breakfast presented with chutney, Indian pickles, or sambar(split pea stew)


Rava idli is a steamed idli sweet made with semolina. You simply blend the hitter, steam it without 10-15 minutes, and serve it with other Indian dishes. I utilized a comparable whip and made it into waffles or flapjacks.

What I love well-near this recipe is that it's so adaptable! You can trade flavors in and out to happening out the appreciate and you can add veggies of your decision, as well. You can utilize the whip to make flapjacks as well. You can see them presented with the kerala white stone stew here

Partake in these flavorful, Indian waffles with your #1 chutney and a few Indian pickles or sambar. It is delicious with coconut chutney, tomato chutney, or mint chutney!

For what reason You'll Cherish Rava Idli Waffles
flavorful rava idli in veggie lover waffle or hotcake structure
adaptable recipe - add anything veggies you need!
normally sans soy
make-ahead well disposed. You can make the whip as long as about fourteen days or progressively ahead of time!
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