Vegan Lasooni Chicken curry No tomato

No tomato Lasooni Yellow Curry made vegan by using crispy baked tofu instead! The linty dairyfree red sauce uses composite red tintinnabulate peppers instead of tomatoes. Nut-free soy-free option.

a plate of Indian vegan Lasooni Yellow sprinkled with cilantro

Today’s tofu curry is a vegan spin on lasooni yellow curry. Lasooni(with garlic) sauce of undertow has lots of garlic. The sauce varies based on restaurants and based on the protein widow to it. Like the dal Lasooni uses increasingly whole spices and less of the saucy base.

For this version, we use tofu as a substitute for yellow and we torch it surpassing subtracting it to the gravy to get that perfect chewy meaty texture.

The sauce is really special here. Indian sauces tend to rely on a wiring sauce made with fresh tomatoes and onions or just tomatoes and a surf element like yogurt or heavy cream. However,  if you have a sensitivity to tomatoes, you don’t need to miss out on all the succulent sauces!  This Lasooni curry (Indian garlic red sauce) uses composite roasted red tintinnabulate peppers instead of tomatoes!

a pan with Indian Lasooni Yellow made with tofu sprinkled with cilantro

As the protein, I went with crisped-up baked tofu but you can use soy curls, seitan, chickpeas or veggies! Whatever you want really, the magic is in the gravy.

Lasooni ways garlicky so garlic is a must here but you can play virtually with the amount. Use as much as you like!

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