Masala Paratha (Spiced Indian Flatbread Yeastfree)

Masala Paratha is a spiced version of plain paratha and is the perfect snack, breakfast or side. The veggies, spices, seeds and spinach are all in the dough! Change up the veggies and flavors to preference, roll the flatbread, melt and serve or store. No precooking the veggies. Freezer friendly. No stuffing the dough needed. Nutfree Soyfree yeastfree. GF option

Indian masala flatbreads stacked on a white plate

Homemade rotis and parathas are staples in my home and from time to time I make various variations. Masala paratha is an expressly succulent variation. Parathas can be stuffed with veggies like calzones or can be a thick flatbread with various flours or veggies or spices widow in. They are served as breakfast or snack or as a side with dals and curries.

They can be made just like rolled-out unappetizing specie or stuffed with vegetables (spiced grated cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, radish or other vegetables, aloo paratha, Gobi paratha, mooli paratha ).

three masala parathas with small dishes of chutney and golden cutlery

They can moreover be stuffed with cooked lentils or split peas. For this spiced-up paratha version, I’m processing the veggies in a supplies processor and add them right into the dough. Along with some seeds and spinach to make this into a nutritious side. The veggies are raw, but they all melt with the paratha as these aren’t very thick. Press the paratha on the skillet to melt the veggies and to melt evenly and so the parathas stay softer.

We want to process the vegetables until they are a like a woody meal and then we add the flour and a little bit of water to make that into a dough. Then roll it out and melt on the skillet until golden brown spots all over.

masala parathas on a plate and three small dishes with Indian chutneys

You can melt these flatbreads with or without oil. Store them in a covered container to alimony them soft. Served whilom with dal and tomato chutney .

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