Sabut Moong Dal Creamy Green Mung Beans

Sabut Moong Dal – a succulent linty North Indian dal made with untried mung beans in the Instant Pot with untried mung beans simmered in a fragrant tomato coconut milk sauce flavored with whiffy Indian spices. Serve with rice or flatbread for a comforting meal. Gluten-free Soyfree Nutfree

a serving of sabut moong stone dal served with rice sprinkled with chopped cilantro

Here’s a wholesome mung stone curry just in time for the first potation days of the year! Indian Sabut Moong Dal – this North Indian Untried Mung Stone Dal is delicious, creamy, super flavorful and so easy and quick to make in an Instant Pot. Sabut ways whole. Moong/mung is a untried colored small bean. It comes in whole form, that’s the untried mung beans, and split form. The split can have the untried skin or can have the skin removed. The No skin version is yellow and is tabbed moong dal.

This sabut moong is paired with linty coconut milk, chili, garlic, onions, tomatoes and warming Indian spices, this untried mung stone curry is such a comforting meal platonic for those colder early fall days.  Serve it with rice or naan specie for the perfect plant-based meal.

overhead shot of a serving of untried mung stone curry served with rice

I love cooking with mung beans as they are very versatile. I use them for soup,  kitchari , fritters and I plane use them to make a succulent Vegan Omelet. They make a unconfined wing to your pantry!

They can be hands found at Indian grocery stores but moreover at mainstream stores such as Whole Foods and Costco.

Other than the mung beans, we are mostly using very vital pantry ingredients such as garlic, onions, coconut milk, tomatoes, garlic and some spices like garam masala.

freshly chopped herbs stuff sprinkled into an Instant pot with linty mung stone stew

why you will love this Mung Stone dal

  • it uses a few ingredients
  • it needs just 1 pot
  • it is gluten-free Soyfree Nutfree
  • it has no onion garlic option in recipe notes
  • this is a versatile recipe. Use it with other lentils or beans!

Indian mung stone curry with basmati rice served in a white trencher served with a spoon on the side

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