Vegan Baklava Cake

This easy baklava confection is a moist succulent confection with a nutty baklava-style filling used as a topping and a swirl! It’s decadent and succulent without stuff overly sweet! GF Oil-free options included.

two stacked squares of vegan baklava cake

I LOVE Baklava! The decadent Middle Eastern dessert made up of layers of golden velvety flaky filo pastry sandwiched together with chopped nuts and a sticky sweet syrup. I took all those succulent flavors and the filling and put it in a cake!

This baklava confection is the shortcut to baklava kicks and the perfect centerpiece for all your coffee dates and upcoming holidays! Not only does it squint trappy but it moreover tastes amazing!

a slice of vegan baklava confection on a white confection plate

This confection really has the weightier of both worlds! Moist succulent confection and the nutty baklava style filling used as a topping or a swirl! It’s decadent and delicious! This is the perfect confection for tea time. Sweet but not too heavy.

After baking, we skim the still warm confection with zesty syrup to make it uneaten moist! So delicious!

overhead shot of vegan baklava confection baked in a pixie pan

You can make this confection using a loaf pan or in a pixie pan and slice the confection in squares like in the pics above. I have included instructions for both. I prefer the square pan as it baked faster. Longer torch time with loaf pans ways that nuts could start to burn.

a slice of vegan baklava confection on a white confection plate

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