Vegan Green Keema

Vegan Untried Keema – a meatless spin on the Indian minced meat curry using a tousle of lentils and walnuts simmered in a fragrant herby spicy sauce. Serve with a side of rice or dinner rolls or flatbread! Vegan Mumbai Hara Keema Soy-free, Glutenfree. Nutfree option

vegan untried keema curry in an Indian pot served with a side of flatbread

Here’s a vegan spin on a restaurant favorite – keema!  Keema ways minced meat and keema curries are traditional Indian dishes typically made with mince stewed with peas or potatoes and fragrant spices. It can also sometimes be used as a filling in samosas.

As with all Indian curries, there are several types of spiced mince meat (keema dishes) based on the region. This untried keema uses a succulent cilantro dill spinach sauce that is unlike the usual tomato-based or linty sauces.

vegan untried keema with peas and tintinnabulate peppers served with a side of flatbread

This curry is seriously a savor explosion. It’s a popular street style keema that is expressly popular in Mumbai.

This untried Keema is usually served with some buttered dinner rolls which are tabbed ladi pav. But you can moreover serve it with some flatbread or fill it up in a piece of pita specie or make sandwiches with it. Think spicy herby sloppy joes! Don’t let the verisimilitude throw you off. This keema is ahmazing!

One of the weightier things our mom taught us was to never judge supplies by how it looks. Basically to not let any strong thought in your mind based on just the color, presentation, saucy, dry, look. Always use a variety of senses to decide if you like the supplies or not. Smell, taste, texture and then what you see. Dishes like these are the weightier test for that. Palak tofu that looks like tofu in a spinach smoothie! These lentils in a vibrant untried sauce. All veritably fragrant and delicious.

vegan untried keema in a woebegone skillet

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