Vegan Pesto Skillet Lasagna

This easy Pesto Skillet Lasagna with mushrooms and basil pesto is made on the stove top in 1 Pot! No layering or sultry or precooking pasta required. Lasagna noodles melt with browned mushrooms, pesto and goop then topped with pesto and vegan cheese for an spanking-new lasagna dinner! Soyfree Recipe. Options for gluten-free Nutfree 30 g Protein!

a trencher with pesto skillet lasagna with mushrooms and basil pesto

Looking for a new family-style dinner to make on a rented weeknight or on a lazy Sunday? Make Pesto Skillet Lasagna.

This easy vegan Pesto Skillet Lasagna is a unconfined way to transpiration up a traditional lasagna recipe. Instead of vegan minced meat or veggie crumbles, we add some umami-rich mushrooms and homemade pesto. Plus, this recipe is way easier than a traditional lasagna as we unquestionably make the whole thing on the stovetop in just One pan – no layering and precooking required here.

overhead shot of a woebegone skillet with vegan one pan mushroom and pesto lasagna

While the mushrooms brown, you add your wrenched up lasagna noodles. They swash to al dente perfection in the mushroom goop and then you only need to add big dollops of pesto and some vegan mozzarella and parmesan cheese for an wondrous Lasagna dinner that your whole family will love!

Why you will love this pesto skillet lasagna

  • it needs just one skillet
  • It’s allergy friendly
  • vibrant refreshing pesto adds wondrous flavor
  • mushroom add a deep umami flavor
  • fantastic flavors with easy ingredients

a serving of vegan skillet pesto lasagna

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