Check Out These Michelin Star Casino Restaurants

When you think of casinos, you instantly think of the fun you’ll have playing the games on-site, right? From slot games to poker rooms, these venues are a gambler’s paradise.

Kongunadu Kozhi Vellai Biryani

Kongunadu vellai biryani is a very subtle biryani with the predominant zephyr of ground spices and untried chillies. Untried chillies are ground to a paste and widow for the heat.

Beetroot Paaledu Thogayal | Beetroot Chutney With Milk Cream Recipe

Recipe for Beetroot Paaledu Thogayal | Beetroot Chutney With Milk Surf Recipe Paaledu is the milk surf that comes to the top without spooky the boiled milk. Traditionally it is used

Kaalan Paal Kari | Mushroom Masala With Coconut Milk

This simple everyday mushroom masala can be served with rice or rotis. This can be put together in under 30 minutes and it works perfectly well for the rented weeknight

Eral Muttai Masala | Prawn Egg Masala

Eral Muttai Masala is a stir fry made with fresh water prawns, scrambled eggs, and spices. It’s a perfect side dish for a South Indian lunch with sambar or a

Eral Biryani | Pressure Cooker Prawn Biryani With Coconut Milk

Here is a simple eral biryani recipe made in the pressure cooker. With simple tips in preparation, you can get the fluffiest biryani every single time. Even though the ingredient

Black Kavuni Rice Poha With Loaded Vegetables

Recipe for red rice poha made with wholegrain Kavuni red rice poha and with loaded vegetables. A healthy breakfast dish. Recipe with video. Here is a healthy breakfast idea for red

Masala Muttai Paniyaram Recipe | Egg Paniyaram With Veggies

An easy and quick recipe for making masala muttai paniyarams. All you need is some idli dosai thrash and eggs. An egg is mixed into the thrash to make the

Paalkatti Mundhiri Masala Gravy

Paalkatti Mundhiri Masala Gravy is a rich side dish that can be made for parties or special occasions. Paalkatti aka paneer is mixed with potatoes and spices and deep fried

What is There to Eat at a Casino: A Comprehensive

Article unsalaried by Lally Hale Whether you’re a first-time casino visitor or a seasoned pro, it’s important to know what types of supplies are available. From quick snacks to full-blown meals,